This is a powerful, immersive creativity training delivered in various locations around the world for change makers, thought leaders, artists, creators and entrepreneurs of both genders who are ready to fully express and share their gifts with the world.

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Wake Up to the felt experience of your full-power potential and personal expression.

Clear Up your self-imposed limitations using your personal experiences, fears and dreams as the fuel for realising your creative expression.

Show Up in full force to impact and inspire a world that awaits your gifts.


Together we will explore the dynamic relationship between emotions and creativity and how they are inextricably linked. By discovering ways to more freely access, experience, and express our emotions, we are able to unlock our truest creative and expressive selves.

Through use of various behavioural change and consciousness transforming techniques, movement & sensory experiences, and conscious creativity training, we will explore and confirm our ability to shift perspectives, and through this the experience of ourselves and our reality.


Expansion from the inside out, using creativity as a

tool to unleash full expression from a place of

wonder, exploration and trust.

  • Learn to express your inner universe and use it as fuel and motivation.

  • Impact the world around you through your unique voice, creativity and self-expression.

  • Activate the full scope of your human potential: mind, body, energy systems and emotional landscape.

  • Expand your creative problem solving, leadership and communication skills.

  • Find your authentic, unique expression.


Using high-sensory work and cutting-edge methodologies you

will learn how to hack into the flow state through hands-on application.

This work bridges the distance between movement and mechanics, mindset

and embodiment, touch and technology, spirit and science.


There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action.  ~ Martha Graham.





“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” ― Kurt Vonnegut

We like learning together



You are not here to simply experience this world…
you are here to boldly contribute of yourself to its co-creation.

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Dorota Stanczyk

Dorota Stanczyk is a Polish visual artist, creative director, movie director and speaker. Her passion is to combine fine arts with personal growth. She designs exhibitions, events and projects that help people to learn about their consciousness and self-expression and that create transformational experiences.

Recently, Dorota was invited to speak at TedxLiege, in Belgium, on “Your Future is Now.”

She has shared her knowledge at Mindvalley Reunion (San Diego) about Self-Love and taught about Conscious Creativity at Mindvalley University (Tallinn), DNX Conference (Lisbon), Nomad Cruise.

She has worked with brands that include Christian Dior, Alexis Mabill, Nouvelle Vague Music, Under the Influence Magazine, Wanderlust, BigBig Digital and others. Her distinctive aesthetic styling has enabled her to provide unique concepts for her highly visible clients. As a visual artist and video director, Dorota’s talent has been recognised through numerous awards, including Photo Awards for Creative Direction and Oakland Independent Artist’s Award for “Best Music Video.”

She was the Executive Creative Director of Mindvalley for 2 years. She applied her knowledge to support new, innovative learning approaches and led a 30+ people department of filmmakers, designers, writers and content marketing specialists. After 10 years of working in Visual Arts, Dorota created MoonKava, a creative agency that combines digital and physical arts to conceptualise services and create innovative designs and projects. She also directed a full-length documentary on Enhanced States of Consciousness and wrote a socio-spiritual book on human relationships and self-love.

She completed her studies at the world-renowned College of Applied Arts ESAA Duperré in Paris.

Layla El Khadri

Layla El Khadri, is a Life Coach, Thought Leader, Dance Therapist and Artist.

She seeks to elevate the human perspective, inspiring & guiding inner work and being a Catalyst for Human Potential.

The combination between her Mindset Seminars and her Transformational Work creates a powerful holistic methodology to anchor real-lasting transformation and radical embodiment of one´s potential.

Layla´s work is focused on helping us reclaim our magnificence and become conscious creators of our reality.

“Get the issue out of the tissue and program success in your flesh”

With this mantra Layla El Khadri brings a powerful, dynamic experiential journey that will help our bodies anchor transformation on a cellular level. Bridging the kinesthetic awareness (body) with the cognitive awareness (mind).

Layla`s work creates a powerful experience by combining knowledge and wisdom drawn from ancient traditions such as Taoism, Buddhism or Tantra with cutting edge therapies, somatic movement, art, and a decade of deep dive into personal development.

Her background in film-making, acting and Music  gives her a deep understanding of the expressive arts as a conduit for self exploration.

Layla is the founder of Muse Arts a multidisciplinary artist company based in Bali the recently released the video The Feminine Rise.

Layla´s career as a speaker, coach and teacher is focused on inspiring a new generation of change makers and  world leaders to remember their inner wisdom and truest calling, and rise to become the change this worlds needs.

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